How To Disable PayPal’s Currency Conversion to Save Money on Fees

Update, 2020-01: Paypal has removed the option to disable currency conversion by default. For a while, a direct link to the option still worked, even though the path to it had been removed. Now, even the direct link does not work anymore. There does not seem to be an alternative way of turning it off. Dick move, Paypal.

To be clear, you can always disable currency conversion in each transaction you make with paypal, you just have to remember to do it every time.

PayPal is great if you’re shopping at a place you don’t entirely trust and/or if you want to keep your credit card number private. Well, between you and Paypal at least. Their fees, however, can be horrendous. This hits merchants harder than consumers, but even as a buyer they have ways to get you. One example is their currency conversion fee, which amounts to 3% of the transaction value and is applied automatically if you buy from a(n international) seller whose currency differs from your card’s.

3% is a lot, and your bank can probably do better (mine does conversions at 1%). Thankfully, there is a way to disable PayPal’s automatic currency conversion, though they haven’t made it easy to find. Go figure.

How To Permanently Disable PayPal’s Currency Conversion in 6 Steps

Step 1


Step 1

Log into PayPal and click on the options icon.

Step 2


Step 2

Go to the Payments screen, then to “Manage automatic payments”.

Step 3


Step 3

Once again, click “manage automatic payments” to get to the classic view.

Step 4


Step 4

Above your automatic payments list, got to “Set Available Funding Sources”.

Step 5


Step 5

Next, hit “Conversion Options” behind your credit card (or other funding source).

Step 6


Step 6

Finally, choose to be billed in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice. Don’t forget to hit submit.

If applicable, repeat from step 5 for any additional cards on your account.

There, all done. Now your bank will handle the conversions at probably much more favorable rates. Wasn’t that process straightforward and intuitive? /s



92 thoughts on “How To Disable PayPal’s Currency Conversion to Save Money on Fees

  • I am having problem when pulling money to my bank account, Visa. My acc is in EU, but on Paypal withdrawal shows my domestic RS valute(dinars) even though I withdraw eu or usd. Why RS valute conversion than on Paypal? And there is on option on my Paypal account as described on the step 3 left link confirmation.

    • Mila, as mentioned at the top of the page, this method no longer works. Paypal removed the option to disable currency conversion completely.

      • You sill can fix this, for repeated payments.

        – go to “”
        – select transaction where unnecessary conversion has occurred
        – click Manage payments
        – “Automatic payments” opens
        – there in section “Funding sources” select “change funding source” (not sure about exact text)a
        – then in list of sources you will FINALLY see “See Conversion options” link
        – then in popup “Currency Conversion” select “Convert with …” with correct conversion option (in my case it was “Convert With Mastercard”)

        in my case I was able to save about 4%

        • That’s good but like you said, only for subscriptions.

          But you can still select fundig sources at checkout, you just have to remember to check.

    • Dobar dan Mila
      Video sam da imas isti problem kao ja pa se pitam da li si uspela da ga resis na bilo koji nacin.
      Bas katastrofa sto su ovo uradili,nije uredu.

    • Pozdav,

      Isti problem imam kad je u pitanju transfer sredstava na svoju karticu. Koleginica koja ima nalog u OTP nema tih problema, dok ja koja sam u Intesi imam. Da li može do toga biti problem? I da li ste uspeli da nađete neko rešenje?

      • Rešili su da mi prebace na EU(iako ja primam u dolarima, pa mi odmah vrše konverziju bez moje dozvole kao što znamo PayPal ima lošiju konverziju od banaka) kad sam poslala poruku preko Message Centra, objasnivši da kartica preko koje povlačim novac je vezana za devizni, ne dinarski račun. I to da njihovom postavkom, oni mene teraju da prodam devize, izgubim u koverziji i onda za te dinare tako povučene kao default, banka mi po najskupljem kursu prodaje eure. Da mi se to ne isplati, niti oću nastaviti da budem njihov korisnik. Odgovor je bio da shvataju moju zabrinutost i prebacili su, bez pitanja izbora valute odmah na EU. Do kada će trajati toy ne znam. Trenutno jeste valuta eu. Ali odmah nakon mene je probalo još ljudi, II rekli su da je takav dogovor postignut s našim bankama. Iskreno nisam dobila nikakvo obaveštenje vezano za promene u vezi deviznih priliva da bi potvrdilo promene na Paypalu.

        • Užasni su, stvarno nemam reči! Imajući u vidu trenutnu situaciju, stvarno mi nisu jasni (ni PayPal ni banke). Vođena tvojim primerom, pisala sam im malopre da vidim šta se dešava i da vidim da li će hteti da vrate na evre. To be continued. 🙂 Hvala puno za info!

          • Drage moje imamo isti problem, pisala sam im prvi put gde su rekli kako su napravili dogovor sa bankom o povlacenju samo u RSD valuti, sto je potpuno bezazleno, nakon vidjenja vase poruke odlucila sam im ponovo pisati, u nadi da ce prebaciti valutu, sada cekam, pozdrav!

        • Ono sto sam ja dobila kao informaciju iz Credit Agricole Bank jeste da je sistem sada blokiran… navodno zbog novonastalog stanja zbog virusa i da ni oni nemaju najnovije informacije. Navodno bi trebali da se obratimo Paypallu za objasnjenje. Kod mene se desava da mi prilikom transfera novca automatski prebacuju na dinarski racun, a pri tom i sami vidite kolika je razlika u kursu, takodje se uplate iz USD automatski konvertuju u EUR. Ako neko ima nekih novih informacija, pisite , Pozdrav i svako dobro svima

  • I just paid with PayPal and there was no link in the transaction either. No option at all to disable the damn thing!

    • I have called Paypal out on this but it is unlikely to have any effect. Here is an edited version of the exchange:
      Me: Why have hidden the ability for us to change the default conversion option to “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.” aside from milking us with your poor exchange rates?
      Paypal: This feature has been removed as we at PayPal would like for our customers to use the currency which the country our customers are located. This is because it makes it easier to handle cases in which we have to contact the bank for our customer if something goes wrong.
      Me: Easier for you, more profitable for you, more expensive for all us users. One example: your conversion fee is 3%, the bank charges 1%.

      • Thank you for doing that! In my case the difference is actually 6% on top of the whole sum. Their rates are outrageous. I’m definitely not using them again if I can help it. You have made me feel less alone in my rage. And a lot less angry. Thank you!

    • Paypal has buried the option somewhere else…

      Instead of clicking on “Manage Automatic Payments”, click on a specific provider that is setup for auto payment. It will bring up details for that provider. Under “Payment method”, click on the credit card. A new window will open showing your credit card details, along with the “See conversion options” !

  • This doesn’t seem to work in 2020 anymore… There’s no more “Manage automatic payments” link available anymore.

  • I have two paypal balances in my account (Canadian and USD).

    Today when I receive a payment in USD, paypal automatically converted it to CAD and added to my CAD paypal balance. Frustrating because I want it to remain as USD.

    Any idea how to prevent that going forward?

    • Complain to PayPal. They may not make the option accessible to us but it’s important to tell them we know what they’re doing and don’t approve.

      • I doubt they will care. They try to trick you into paying against horrible rates, so that they can gain even more money. I try to avoid Paypal as much as possible.

    • Works for the existing automatic payments: select one of active, click the card, now “See conversion option” appear under the card in the next popup window.

    • Dude it works ! I haven’t submited 6th step yet, ill try it tomorrow, But if you want to get that window like in 4th step, go like that –
      Settings -> Account Settings -> Type in search “Manage automatic…” and press update and you will be in the same screen and you can edit everything

      • This only works for automatic payments, i.e. subscription payments though. Not, for example, if you order something at an online store and use paypal, which is what the setting described in this guide was for. A global setting for all paypal transactions.

  • It still works.

    Go on Settings > Payments > choose your automatic payment > click on your Credit Card > Select conversion by VISA/Mastercard

    • That doesn’t work for me. There is no option or further step after selecting the credit card.

      Also, even if it did work (different options for different countries maybe?), the fact that it’s under Automatic payment settings tells me that it would only apply to automatic payments i.e. subscriptions.

      • Hi, I sent a withdrawal request, which will take 24hrs. But I quickly remembered and changed the conversion to “bill me..”
        Will it take effect after I have already placed the withrawal request but hasnt reflected in my account yet?

  • Looks like you can select while checking out now, for my CSR card, it defaulted to EUROS when I tried to pay whereas other cards defaulted to paypals conversion system.

  • If you are using Paypal with eBay, you can get around currency conversion in eBay. At checkout, choose credit card as payment method instead of Paypal. Enter your card number and then there will be an link “More currency option.” There you can choose to pay in your local currency (at exorbitant exchange rate) or in seller’s currency.

    • Good to know. That seems more like an eBay solution than a PayPal solution though. Or do the settings stick for PayPal after?

  • It works for me, but just in another way.
    Ebay and Paypal have changed the following:

    Paypal: In recurrent/automatic payments, PayPal now allows to choose the payment method.
    Example: Bank Or Card On File or choose the creditcard (in the currency) you want

    Ebay: The conversion options are now in Ebay. You can choose the conversion options during the checkout process.

    It did not always work perfectly, for example when I had 3 currencies involved.

  • At least for me direct link to conversion settings no longer works (tested on 2020-01-03). Link now redirects to new UI to manage card automatic payments (no possibility to change conversion options).

  • They have changed the settings again.
    Click the settings icon (select Account Settings).
    Click on “Payments settings” under “PRODUCTS & SERVICES” located in the left.
    Click “Update” on the “My automatic payments”.
    Click on the “My preapproved payments” link.
    Click “Available Funding Sources” link.
    Click “Conversion options” link.
    And then select “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice”

  • Seems Paypal is shutting this option down so they can earn more money on exchange rates. The direct link still works but for how long. Everyone needs to let them know we noticed and aren’t happy.

  • Lloyds bank, in the UK, is an absolute rip off… They charge a flat fee and THEN a percentage which works out to be WAY higher than PayPal 🙁

  • They have now removed “Cant find what you’re looking for?” Try the “Manage Automatic Payments” option at the bottom left of the page.


    • thanks a million finally found this option to switch from paypal conversion after reading through endless sites

    • Oh man you are the lord for me now. How the heck can paypal just enforce the conversion on our transaction and even removing the option to chose whether we agree or not? (some link that you have to enter direct to the script to set? Really grande paypal???!!).. Isn’t there any consumers’ rights violation here? I never really paid attention because I seldom use paypal for my online purchases, untill today, just out of curiosity I checked the amount they billed on my last purchase with XE currency and boom I was suddently awaken. Really pissed me this kind of shitty way they operates.. I wonder isn’t there any jurisdictional path to seek, just to stop them doing whatever they want???

  • Is there any way to avoid the conversion fees when withdrawing money to your own bank account? forgive me if I misread this, but the solution above is for paying in another currency. Thanks in advance

  • Step 3 is now Manage Funding Sources. Thank you very much for the info. To me paypal is always trying to hide this feature from us. smh

  • I did this soon after you posted it, and it worked.


    today I was making a payment and it was defaulting to Paypal Currency Conversion. I was able to change it for that one transaction. So I went to check my default settings, and Paypal have “improved the user experience” by changing the menu layout, and also, it appears, removing this option to set the default currency conversion.

    I had a good look around via the Paypal Site Map and could not find a way to set a default. So either they’ve hidden the option even deeper, or they’ve removed it altogether.

  • Sorry but it didn’t work for me. I followed all the steps then hit “Submit” and then “Save”. The second option is currently saved, but the conversion was still active when I withdrew the sum. Good luck to everybody else who wants to avoid this rip-off

  • Yo man. Thank you so much for this. No more will I pay ADDITIONAL COSTS FOR NO REASON! NO MORE!

  • Thank you very much!
    How could you name it in another words than “legal robbery”?
    Each time I return buying on ebay after some break I feel like they hide their conversion options deeper and deeper… But THIS is jush hilarious…

  • Well, this option is good if Visa or Mastercard credit cards are used, but if Discover/Diners or Amex credit cards are in use – you will not have the option to choose and PayPal will always do the conversion for you 🙁

  • Note that there is even one more step:
    You need to hit an other ‘save’ that appears after step 6, on the then again step 5 page.
    Only then do they confirm the change….

    Written by another visitor but you should really include it in the guide 🙂

  • Is this still working for you? I changed the option but paypal is still trying to do the conversion.

  • Thank you so much for this!
    This is ridiculously deeply hidden…
    Note that there is even one more step:
    You need to hit an other ‘save’ that appears after step 6, on the then again step 5 page.
    Only then do they confirm the change….
    They really try to prevent you from not letting them steal your money.

    • I was wondering if I can disable their currency conversion and did some research 🙂

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