Test: Cilio Aida Stainless Steel Espresso Maker (Plastic Free and Induction Ready)

Long Term Test: Cilio Aida Espresso Maker – Top or Flop?

Cilio Aida Espresso Maker on an Induction Stove

The Cilio Aida Espresso Maker, 6-cup model pictured.

I decided on this model because I was looking for something material-efficient, ecological, and plastic free. The first criteria is satisfied by this general, traditional design of espresso makers. Though most of them are made of aluminium, which is coated with a plastic liner on the inside.

After a year in regular use, I feel I can deliver a well-founded review.


As mentioned, the Cilio Aida espresso maker is completely plastic free. It’s made of 100% stainless steel, apart from one silicone seal (which is also not a plastic.)

See here why we should be avoiding plastic – even BPA-free plastic – in food contact.


Build Quality / Finish

The build quality is general good or very good, with the exception of the top rim, which is a bit thin and sharp. Not dangerously so, but it doesn’t feel very good and could have been polished a bit more in my opinion.


The design, on the other hand, I’m completely happy with. It’s a matter of taste, of course, but I enjoy this functional, pure stainless steel design.


The espresso maker works as expected and turns good beans into good coffee. It’s easy to use and clean (by hand), though you have to know you have to lift the silicone seal with a sharp knife or thin sharp object, which does work but you have to be careful as to not damage the seal. Here, I wish they would have included a fitting tool, or come up with a better system for cleaning.


If you’re looking for a resource-efficient, plastic free espresso maker, I don’t think you’re going to find a better option than the Cilio Aida. I’m very happy with my choice and would recommend it to everyone without hesitation.


  • No plastic
  • Resource efficient
  • Makes good espresso
  • Pleasing design
  • Durable materials and build


  • Top edges a bit sharp, sheet metal a bit thin.

Grade Sheet

(Intelligent) DesignVery good
FunctionalityVery Good
Scope of DeliveryAcceptable



Available from:

Amazon (Affiliate Link)*:
Cilio Online Shop (Link)


None I’m aware of.


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