Are You Still Buying “Cat Grass” (Seeds)? You could save at least 90%. (With Instructions)

If you regularly buy “Cat Grass” for your cats, there is an enormous potential for savings. I’m not even talking about the difference between ready-to-eat grass and seeds. I’m assuming you’re currently buying seeds.

Here’s the scoop: “Cat Grass” is just oats or barley. Sometimes it’s Cyprus Grass, which isn’t inherently better or healthier in any way. It just depends on what the cat in question prefers.

So you could take a bag of oat grain, fill it in tiny paper envelopes, print the words “Cat Grass” on them, and sell them for ten to twenty times the cost!

Well, you could. I have decided that I have better things to do with my time on this planet, so I just buy said bag of oats for my own use and save myself a lot of time and money.

“Cat Grass”= Oats. “Oat Seeds” instead of “Cat Grass” = 90-95% savings.

1 kg Hafersamen, auch bekannt als Katzengras.

Assuming you buy one serving of cat grass a week, and assuming this is costing you around $2 per serving, you’re spending $104 per year on cat grass. You may adjust this number based on your actual spending, as prices vary widely depending on the store and the novelty of the product in question (from simple seed bags to “systems” with “special” substrate and seed discs).

Even if you’re already buying “bulk” cat grass bags of usually 16 ounces for around $15 you’re overpaying.

Personally, I’m spending $7 every 18 months on a two pound bag of oat seeds, but that’s because I live in Switzerland, which is also why I had to look up common offers in the US to arrive at the numbers above. For the US I’ve found the following equivalent offer:

$1.19 per pound of oat seeds, which will probably last you about nine months. Let’s round that up to $2 per year.

Compared to the cheapest offer I found for the weekly portions, that’s savings of 98%, or $102 per year.

Compared to the “bulk” cat grass packages you can find on Amazon and similar (yes that’s an affiliate link, which means I’d get a commission for the sale, but no, I’m not recommending that offer), that’s still 92% cheaper.

And the only difference is that the words “Cat Grass” are not printed on the label.

Instructions for Growing Your Own “Cat Grass” from Oat Grain

So if you now wish to follow my lead, this is all you need to do:

  1. Buy cat grass oat seeds.

2. Add about half a fist full of oat grain to a pot filled with soil, then cover with another 3/8 inch of soil, compact a bit, water. Adjust amount for pot size.

No fertilizer needed. You may even reuse the same soil every time. I myself have a big pot of recycled soil I simply dump the old contents of finished grass into, massaging and shaking the remains to separate the roots.

3. Wait. The grass should be ready to eat in 1-2 weeks, assuming you didn’t forget to provide light. I keep three pots in rotation, sowing one once a week.

The cat grass is ready when it’s about two to four inches long. If you wait much longer, potted oats will usually die off. (Even if they didn’t the stems would become to hard.)

And that is all. Bon appetit to the masters of the house, and I hope you found this tip as useful as I did when I first realized it.

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